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Car industry Customer Experience Management - sales process improvement car industry - car sales presales tools
Autopalaute provides concrete tools for managing the automotive Customer Experience (CX). Our tool leverages effective customer feedback management to streamline business-critical processes. Our best knowlegde is in the initial process steps of the car sales and aftersales. We are able to influence those individual customers who have not yet made purchasing decisions. This converts to additional sales and profits!

Measuring, reporting and developing customer satisfaction is “Improving the quality of successful sales in car sales and maintenance”

Streamlining sales in the early stages of sales process is an enhancement of the Experience at a stage when decisions have not yet been made. Influencing individual customers at this stage increases sales and profits that can easily be measured. Developing a Customer Experience (CX) based solely on feedback from customers who have purchased does not reveal problems with the process. Why focus developing processes based on buying customers as you should focus on the reasons why others didn't buy.

Car industry Customer Experience Management - Autopalaute

Sales process improvement for the car industry - Autopalaute

Car sales presales tools - Autopalaute


Industry solutions also for other industries or company-specific solutions for managing the customer experience

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